FrogLube FrogTube

FrogLube FrogTube


FrogLube is the best way to clean and care for your firearms. Period. It not only works like a dream but is minty fresh and environmentally friendly. If you’re lucky your wife might even clean your guns. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting into this stuff either since it is made out of non hazardous, food-grade ingredients. Even if they decide to lick it (You can but I wouldn’t recommend it. Trust me.), you won’t have to google the poison control center phone number. Best of all, you aren’t left with that all-to-familiar solvent and Rem oil smell that will mean your wife far away from your “affections” tonight.

Tube contains:
1- 1 oz FrogLube Solvent spray
1- 4 oz FrogLube CLP Paste tube
1- 1.5 oz FrogLube CLP Squeeze Tube
4- foam brushes
1- double headed Nylon brush
1- microfiber towel


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