#eatcleanfukdrty T-Shirt XXL and XXXL

#eatcleanfukdrty T-Shirt XXL and XXXL


The first Installment of Militia Armament Lifestyle gear is HERE!
#eatcleanfukdrty pretty much explains itself. It is what we do to gain/loose mass to become combat effective. Both inside and outside the bedroom. 100% cotton and unisex sizing.

The first set will be a pre-order and we expect to have within 2-2.5 weeks for shipping. If you prefer your shirt to NOT have the hashtag please put “No hashtag” in the order notes.

When you get them remember to show them off and use the hashtag so others can see how awesome you are.

S-XL sizes cost $2 less and can be found here: http://militiaarmament.com/product/eatcleanfukdrty-t-shirts-s-xl/